Passage to Goa
The New INDIAN EXPRESS, Thursday, July, 15, 2021 08:26:04 P
Rocky and Mayur plan to take us on a journey of the unknown, from discovering a house older than the Taj Mahal to the secret location for the ‘hippie theme’ photo session, from walking through the village of Demani to meet with a family that preserves the age-old Chitari art and more. “Being an travel junkie myself, I was completely in awe of some of the experiences we recorded for the show as I was initially unaware of them,” says Rocky Singh adding, “It was great fun to explore the gullies of Goa with my best friend and spend some quality time with Mayur, his family, and the extended family he has made in Goa.” On the show, you can meet the founder of Cazulo for a unique feni pairing and tasting experience.

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Article covered in Tarun Bharat, daily newspaper
Wooden carvings of Ganapati a sign of deep-rooted Goan tradition
Rajendra P Kerkar / TNN / Updated: Aug 22, 2020, 15:24 ..
KERI: Goa has a rich tradition in wood carving. It is said that the god of wisdom and knowledge lord Ganapati inspired artisans and craftsmen to crave varied motifs showing the God.
The old Hindu temple of Mangesh in Mangeshi in Ponda was known for varied forms of wooden carved motives the coming of Ganpati from the temple if debate local talent the top portion of the door at the centrum century as a wooden carving of Ganpati then it considered that a God gives happiness so carving Ganpati on the entrance to become a tradition
While removing the temple of an intensive and Chandreshwar Bhutnath on Chandanathil efforts were made to protect the wooden motive and that is where art lovers can get an opportunity to see Ganpati motives there is a tradition of worshipping in Idol of Ganpati the Chitari community meeting from where Aana in sulphate migrated to Sawantwadi Maharashtra weather received Royal patronage from a square rule out of sound quality
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Cuncolim’s tryst with all things wooden
Times of Infia, Gary Azavedo / Feb 19, 2017, 03:10 IST
Cuncolkars are famous for their fighting spirit and among these brave warriors are the Chitari family residing at Demani-Cuncolim in South Goa, and who, in this modern era are still struggling to keep alive an unique tradition passed on to them by their forefathers.
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